Remote Sensing Calculate Evapotranspiration

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Model Description of Stand Along ASTOR and MODIS RESET model.
 Model  Theory for server based RSET
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Documentation for server based RSET
   DRUPAL the management system other supporting programs including a program to calculate optimical depth for dust using modes data) 
Link to CGI web interface to run RSET model.
Description of Forecast Climate Data
Climate Data future work
Development of a remote sensing Evapotranspiration model (RSET).

The model has had several iteration in its development. The first version of the model was developed using data from the ASTOR satellite and is a stand alone program that can be down loaded and run on a personal PC. The second version uses the data from the MODIS Satellite and is also a stand alone program run on a PC. The third version of the program is a server based program for the MODIS satellite data and a CGI internet interface.  All three versions of the model calculate evapotranspiration on a daily time step for the grid density of the satellite data which is 60 m^2 for the ASTOR data and 1 km^2 for the MODIS data. The server based RSET system use DRUPAL a open source content management system. This system documents the sources code and manages the rest of the documentation.