Satet Model for MODIS and Aester with some Improvements




        This version of the program is capable of displaying G, H, dt, Rnl, Rn, Albedo values for Modis and Aester data.

        Please refer to the help documentation in previous pages for help with executing the model.


      Click on a name to display the graph. Here in the figure the graph displays all the G values for the region.







        Download Executable files





        Download Source Code


         The source code files are available for download as a compressed zip archive.

         This compressed folder includes a source code files folder.





         The source code files folder includes the c++ files and the required header files for model.






        Please click the links below to download.




        Instructions for compiling the source code


*          Please download and install the Borland compiler 5.5.1 from the site


*          The extracted source code folder contains two folders “craig” and “Gl”. Navigate to the Include folder inside the directory where compiler was        installed (default C:\Borland\BCC55\Include) and copy the two folders here.


*          Navigate to the Bin folder inside the directory where compiler was installed and copy the remaining files calcband.h, databand.h, datafiles.h, drawband.h, general.h, satet.cpp here.


*          Open cmd window by going to Start->Run and then entering cmd in the dialogue box.


*          Again navigate to the Bin directory and then enter “bcc32 –tW satet.cpp” in the command prompt.



*          After the compilation process terminates. Enter satet in the command prompt to run the created executable file.