Source Code for satet v-2.1 for MODIS



         The source code files are available for download as a compressed zip archive.

         This compressed folder includes a source code files folder.





         The source code files folder includes the c++ files and the required header files for model v-2.1






        Please click the link below to download.


*          Download



        Instructions for compiling the source code


*          Please download and install the Borland compiler 5.5.1 from the site


*          The extracted source code folder contains two folders “craig” and “Gl”. Navigate to the Include folder inside the directory where compiler was        installed (default C:\Borland\BCC55\Include) and copy the two folders here.


*          Navigate to the Bin folder inside the directory where compiler was installed and copy the remaining files calcband.h, databand.h, datafiles.h, drawband.h, general.h, satet.cpp here.


*          Open cmd window by going to Start->Run and then entering cmd in the dialogue box.


*          Again navigate to the Bin directory and then enter “bcc32 –tW satet.cpp” in the command prompt.



*          After the compilation process terminates. Enter satet in the command prompt to run the created executable file.