The HTML links of ET estimation from satellite data

All the files for ¡®ET Estimation from Satellite Data¡¯ are in the



After you unzip the


You will find:

(Please read readme.doc)


The folder ¡°PPT files¡± contains introductions:


how to download, order, visualize, export Aster data;

Sample satellite files for June 21 2004 and for September 04 2002 .

The data viewing software is hdfview_install_windows_vm.exe

The satellite data inquiry file is 2002_06_01_08_03_Las_Cruces.query.



how to calculate ET;

Sample satellite files for September 04 2002 are here.

Dt calculation sample file is DTSep0420021200.xls.

Et calculation sample file is CalculateEt.xls.



how to visualize any ASCII data;



how to locate one point in the Aster data if Log/Lat. are known.

The sample file is LocateOnePoint.xls



The file ¡°References.ppt¡± contains the links of references and Aster data used in ET calculation.


The ¡°Excel Files¡± folder contains Excel files of

dT calculation,

ET calculation,

and to locate a special place in Aster data.


The ¡°June212004Data¡± folder contains sample Aster data of June 21st 2004 which is used to show how to download, visualize, and export Aster data.


The ¡°Sept042002Data¡± folder contains the sample Aster data used in the ET calculation.


The ¡°References¡± folder contains the references used in ET calculation and other relative references.


The file ¡°DifferenceofModifiedSEBALfromSEBAL.doc¡± informs that the Modified SEBAL has some difference from the SEBAL on ET calculation.


The file ¡°hdfview_install_windows_vm.exe¡± is the software used to open and visualize the Aster data.


The file ¡°2002_06_01_08_03_Las_Cruces.query¡± in here is the saved ¡°Search Criteria¡± for Las Cruces from 2002-06-01 to 2002-08-03.