Sand Separators

Sand Separators are use to remove sand, grit, and other fine solids from water. A sand separator removes 98% of particles 200 mesh (74 microns) and larger. A rule of thumb to determine if a sand separator will remove material from a water source is to place some of the water containing the solids in a clear container. Shake the container and then let it sit and observe the material. If the material is large enough to settle out then a sand separator will remove that material.

The sand separator work using a centrifugal vortex. Water is drawn through tangential inlet slots into a separation chamber. Sand is centrifugally separated from the water and tossed to the perimeter of the chamber. Water free of sand is drawn to the center of the separator and up through the vortex outlet. Sand particles fall downward to the bottom of the separator where a flapper valve opens to let the sand out or a manual value is open to flush the sand out.

The pictures were supplied by Claude Laval Cooporation who makes Lakos sand separators.


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