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City of Albuquerque Parks and Recreation Network
Citizen Weather Observer Program
Farmington NAPI
Middle Rio Irrigation District Network
Miscellaneous Station Network
National Weather Service Climate Station
NMSU State Climate Network
NMSU Vineyard Network
NRCS Snotel Weather Station
Union Pacific Railroad

09: Alcalde ASC 36.091000 106.057000 Station Info
11: Artesia ASC 32.753970 104.057000 Station Info
25: Burro Mountain Study 32.749056 108.512917 Station Info
45: Carlsbad SWCD 32.287470 104.215989 Station Info
51: Clayton LRC 36.467783 103.088300 Station Info
54: Clovis ASC 34.599350 103.215267 Station Info
56: Clovis SWC 34.316867 103.201750 Station Info
57: Corona Ranch 34.296660 105.395760 Station Info
82: Derry 32.796500 107.286000 Station Info
88: Fabian Garcia RC (Hort Farm) 32.279122 106.771043 Station Info
89: Farmington ASC 36.683333 108.310000 Station Info
131: Leyendecker PSRC II 32.200261 106.743000 Station Info
136: Los Lunas 34.766667 106.766667 Station Info
145: Mora RC 35.975000 105.348000 Station Info
150: NMSU Main Campus 32.282298 -106.759847 Station Info
202: Tucumcari ASC 35.200267 103.686933 Station Info