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This system takes NCDC data  and finds the record highs and lows for the information given. It also calculates and reports the averages.  Go to NCDC and follow the instructions for retrieving the station climate records. Usually select the state and a list of stations will appear. Select the maximum air temperature for 24 hr, the minimum air temperature for 24 hr, and the 24 hr rainfall elements. Submit the request and  you will receive a URL to look at the data. Highlight the data but not the header line and copy the highlighted data into the wizard below. We have made every effort to assure that this page is user-friendly, however if you do have a problem or a simple question you can contact me at

Step 1: Getting daily weather data: Data should be acquired from the NCDC. The data needed is expected to be in NCDC format, which will allow you to get large amounts of data from the most easily available source.

Step 2: Filling out the Weather Records Wizard

This wizard assumes that you are giving NCDC data!  It will not work with anything else!

 Date |   Record    |    Record     |    Record    |  Average |  Average |  Average
      | High (Date) |  Low (Date)   |  Rain (Date) |   High   |    Low   |   Rain

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