Various computer models and tools for agricultural applications

This list will be expanded as information becomes available.

Irrigation Scheduling
Model/Tool Name Description
Soil Sim Campbell's Soil Physics Models
Cmls Chemical Movement in Layered Soils
IBSNAT Crop simulation models
Water Quantity Models NRCS Water Quantity models see irrigation section
ENVI-met 1.0 A Microscale Climatology Model used for temperature profiles within a city or university for modeling where to plant different species.
Weather Records Wizard Climate model computes from data the max, min temp and date and year that it occurred
PET Wizzard Java Script version (Network independant) Pet Calculator uses temperature data from any internet site to calculate PET Samani format
Pet Wizard Javascrip Version with Penman Output Pet Calculator uses temperature data from any internet site to calculate PET Penman format 
Enwatbal Irrigation model Richard's equation solution to water flow 1D
Irrigation design and management models. NRCS models
SHAW model simulates heat, water used for frost depth ARS climate based model for frost depth calculation
Reference Evapotranspiration model University of Idaho Different methods to calculate reference evapotranspiration
Air quality dispersion models NOAA Calculates movement of particles in air.
Chill unit model for apples NMSU Calculates chill units for dormancy of apples


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