SOIL 456 Irrigation and Drainage
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Text: Landscape Irrigation Design by Eugene W. Rochester
Instructor: Dr. Sammis phone 646-2104 Rm Skeen  N 332 Office Hr MW 10:30-11:30

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Lecture :Time MW 9:30-10.20 room Skeen w-130
Lab: Time Wed 1:00-2:20 room GT 338

Ta Justin Riggs

Skeen N257, Phone is 646 4461

The Class is an introduction to irrigation management and design. The class has two lectures and one laboratory.

"Irrigation is defined as the application of water for the purpose of sustaining plant growth and/or enhancing production."

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New Mexico Water Dialogue--Legislative Update 2002

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Week Chapter in book Chapter topic Assignment problems Links to material on the internet
1 3 Introduction to irrigation Design
Turf and Landscape BMP 
Turf Power point
Internationalization of course Introduction
Transpiration animation
Irrigation acreage survey
Turf and Landscape irrigation Best
Best management Practices. 
2 - Soil Classification   Soil characteristics at the Hort. farm Soil Texture determination
3 6 Soils and Plants
Chile irrigation 
Do problems1-4 Soils and Climate
4 2 Basic concepts on hydraulics Do problems 1-7  
5 4 Sprinkler head Do problems 1-3  
6 5 Positioning sprinkler heads Do problems 1-10  
7 7 Piping systems Do problems 1-4 Friction loss
8 8 and 10 Water hammer and controllers Do problems chapter 8 1-2  
9 9 Drip irrigation components (notes) Do problems 1-2 Water meters
Wastewater drip systems
10   Surface Irrigation    
11 11 Electrical wiring-ohms law folmula
Ohms law definition
Ohms law wire calculator1   2
Do problems 1-4  
12 12 Backflow prevention Do problems 1-3  
13 13 Water Supplies
pump      Pump curve
Do problems 1-4

pumps and measuring devices

Cost of pumping water 

14 13 Water Supplies Do problems 4-8 Waste water use
15   Drip irrigation   Drip systems

Laboratory number Laboratory Assignment Description
1 Lab1 Irrigation game
2 Lab2 (two weeks) Soil Texture Analysis
3 Lab3 (three weeks) Cotton Irrigation
4 Lab 4a Saltceder water use
5 Lab5 Soil Infiltration rate Experiment
6 Lab6 Mariotte Siphon
7 Lab 7 Calibration of water meters
8 Lab 8 Use of float method to measure flow in cannels
9 Lab 9Economic analysis Convert from surface to drip
10 Lab 10 Surface irrigation
11 Lab 10 A Boarder Surface irrigation
12 Lab 11 Drip Irrigation design
13 Lab 12 International contribution



The grade for the course is based on:
Lab reports 20%
Midterm Exam 35@
Comprehensive final exam (35%)
Quizzes 10%
All assignments are due one week after the material is covered in class. All assignments will be emailed by that date to Dr. Sammis at and the TA. All calculations will be done on an excel spreadsheet and this spreadsheet will be emailed as an attachment with the assignment. Your name shall be on all files sent by email. If they are not turned in on time,  you will loose one grade. If they are turned in more than 3 weeks late you will receive a 0 grade. The grade will be base on a 1-10 scale.

Quizzes will be given at the end of a class and the answers emailed by 8:00 am the next day.  Any quizzes not emailed on time will received a 0. All quizzes and exams will be take home. Answers will be graded on correctness and completeness.

Lab results will be presented in a standard Lab format
material and methods
Results and discussion 

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 Faculty Responsibilities

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