Soils 456 Laboratory 1


Title : Irrigation game

Objective: Understand the methods of when and how much to irrigate for different soil types..

Procedure: Download and play the irrigation game

Play the game as if your irrigation system was a center pivot which can apply 2 inches of irrigation or a furrow irrigation system which can apply only 4 inches of irrigation. Play the game for two soil type a sand and a silt loam soil. Select different random numbers until you get these soil types. Play the game when you pay for information and when you are not willing to pay for information. Turn in a report with the results of the game in the report for two soil type, two irrigation methods and two levels of information, complete information and no information. 

The objective is to determine under what conditions you would be willing to pay for information and to learn how to irrigate a corn crop.

To capture the screen type alt and print screen and this will put the screen into the clip board. Then past the clip board into  the word document for the lab report. Email lab report to instructor. 

The  corn growth model solves the equation

I+ R-D-ET+ - DEL SM=0

where I= irrigation cm or inches 
           D= Drainage cm or inches
           Et= Evapotranspiration  cm or inches
           Del SM= Change in soil moisture cm or inches





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