Soils 456 Laboratory 2


Title : Soil Texture Analysis

Objective: Understand the methods to determine soil texture in the field.


1.Get a copy of the Dona Ana Soil survey from your instructor or the Natural Resource and Soil Conservation Service U. S. government.

2. Go to the pecan orchard at the Horticulture farm and take a soil sample with depth. Use a shovel or soil auger.

3. Determine the soil texture using the feel method .and the soil settling method  Htm files with picture for the use of the feel method 

4. Determine the soil texture from the soil survey

5. compare answers and explain any differences.

6. Using the method of Saxton calculate the plant available water . Turn in a copy of the paper K.E. Saxton et al., 1986 Estimating generalized soil-water characteristics from texture. Soil Sci. Soc. Amer. J. 50(4):1031-1036

saxton link

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