E S 470, Environmental Impacts of Land Use 

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Lecture :Time 11:30-12:20PM M W F SKH N120
Lab: Time 03:00-05:10PM Skeen 147 Th 

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Arsenic removal

Check out the global warming impact on land use. 

What is an Environmental Science person. 



Chapter topic

Assignment problems

Links to material on the internet


Assignment.  see Quivira Coalition

Planning process
on news article every Friday. 



Introduction Planning process  power point presentation  notes  (see full document)

What is an EIS

Santa Fe diversion EIS as related to planning process 

Rating EIS


EIS format

Planning Process

Santa Fe water diversion from Rio Grande



 Power point -Land Use Planning from soil and water conservation book

Land Use Question

 Soil Survey on internet

U.S. Census Bureau
Energy and Minerals Dept NM
Conservation Security Program 



Soil and Water Conservation agencies ----Eqip program  see NM
Technical support
Water quality conditions in NM
Confronting the Nation's Water Problems: The Role of Research (2004)

Nitrogen loading

Natural Resources Conservation Service
National Handbook of Conservation Practices - NHCP

NRCS technical service provider  pay scale
How to become one 


Air quality standards. EPA

Air quality conditions in New Mexico 
     Modeling Air quality 

Dust problems in Dona Anna county

Gaussian distribution pdf= normal distribution

Excel  dispersion calculator
Gaussian  dispersion model  x,y,z distance  
stability coefficients.  see Pasquill stability a-f                              
Hysplit concentration simulation

Dust problem  
air quality permit problem

Dust control 

Dust Calculation from unpaved roads. 




Basic septic systems
Septic systems instructions (see EPA program), Septic tank regulations.

Clean water Act  ppt presentation

EPA Standards         

Waste Water Treatment Plant


Septic tank pictures
Organism found in Wastewater
Holding Tank and Pump system 
Self Contained Sewage Treatment system 


Water Movement       Water and chemical movement.

Degradation of chemicals in the environment. 
Toxic material in the environment


Chemical movement in layered soil 


Solid waste regulations and disposal of waste in land fill.
Land fill components
Picture of liners





Land Fill Regulations
EPA sold waste book
Water, Soil, and Hydro-Environmental Decision Support System


Soil and Waste Management   Sewage Sledge Case Study

 See terra server for site

Wetlands for cleaning wastewater .

Prewet  model

Power point presentation for Prewet

Derive equation 4 in the
Prewet Documentation.

Darcy equation, Evapotranspiration




MM5 simulation  temperature     Global climate model simulations  

Climate in New Mexico 
Global warming and health problems 
New Mexico Drought plan  
USGS water  (stream flow conditions) 
ELEPHANT BUTTE level data. 

Understanding Drought

Water Supply Problem  next year


Range land Problem next year

Past present and future climate in New Mexico
El Nino and climate prediction

Drought in New Mexico
Remote sensing of climate


Erosion (RUSLE stand alone from weather)
Runoff Calculator
Water Erosion notes
Wind Erosion notes
wind erosion model local down load
Wind erosion movies, Wind erosion model Wind erosion Conservation


Erosion control
Erosion control structures - NHCP
Soil and Water conservation society


Nutrient needs.
Conservation needs in the United States




  Remote Sensing


Class Presentation Links

See the instructions on how to write up a lab assignment.                             
1. Internet links
2. Soil Testing 
3. Air quality- run the air quality model 
4. Attend water series  feb 10 
5. Septic tank design 
6.  Pesticide computer program CMIS1( concept & practices)
7.  Water lecture series march 10 Rainfall Measurement 

8.  Field trip (waste water treatment plant) 3/17 from 3:20~ (approximately 1 hour for the tour).

      Des Stuart (528-3601) is the contact person.
9.     Defend your view on removing livestock from public lands

10. Water Lecture Series  ASTER: Observations of Surface Properties Thursday, April 7, 2005 2:00 - 3:30 pm

11. Wetland problem

12.  Use of RUSLE

13. Wastewater land application Field trip
See http://www.nm.blm.gov/lcfo/tri_county/maps/Juris.pdf for map of Blm land go to meeting 
Take Home exam 1. 
Final Take home exam 
Grades will be based on your percentage of possible points as follows:
Exam 1              250
Lab Assignments     250 
Exam 2              250
quizzes   10point each variable number each 
Every other Friday submit a planning analysis by email of some ES topic in the newspaper.
Be prepared to discuss in class for 10 minutes and present a power point presentation. 
The paper and power point should be emailed to the TA the Friday before the presentation for 
First Group will present their talks on February 11 and continue till the semester if over.  
Lab assignments are due one week after the lab and if they are not turned in you will loose one grade. If they are turned in more than 3 weeks late you will receive a 0 grade. The grade will be base on a 1-10 scale.
Project            250 write paper on werc problem and attend contest.      
Select one of the 7 task and research and write up a solution to the problem. Select other students to work
on the problem and form a team of 3 to 5 students. Do not conduct the cost analysis. The design should 
include the science and a rough drawing of how the design system could work. Detailed drawing to build the
system are not necessary. The report shall include  the following list 
 Notes on solutions
Exams are take home exams.


Post test please take

Selected references on the Internet under a search of land use, erosion and soil conservation.

Soil Physics models

Summary - Soil salinity mapping (Hungary)

Canada-Soil Capability for Agriculture

British Columbia

University of Adelaide Soil Science Links


Queensland Wheat Research Institute

Rothamsted Soil Science SOMNET


SWCS (Alberta Chapter) Home Page

Canada's Dynamic Coastline

Associated classes on the internet 1. .Plant People and the Environment 2. Horticulture Resources
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