Chemical movement in layer soils. Laboratory for soils350 soils and land use

Two  home owners have 3/4 of an ac of land in the north valley in Las Cruces NM.  One owner has a sand loam soil and the other owner has a clay soil. The front lawns of both owners are filled with broad leaf weeds. The owners sprays the lawns with 2,4-D.

Explain what 2,4 D is and how use of it will effect the ground water that is at 5 ft for the two locations where the owners applied it.

Use CMLS to evaluate the movement in the soil .  Explain all input settings and explain the output. Use paint shop pro or another program to capture and print the screen output. 

The home owners also have a problem with flees on their dogs. They treats the dogs and then sprays the yard area with diazinon to control the flees. What is the impact on the environment and ground water