Soils 620


Instructor Ted Sammis Skeen  N 332 phone 646-2104 cell 6357042


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Safety manual

Class Meets:

Time: Tuesday and Thursday 4:30 - 6:00 P.M.
Room: GT 338


 Update 01/05/2012


Internet Html files

Jan ,19 , 24, & 26



Electronics  and Data loggers 

Jan 31 & Feb2



o                                Ohms law

o                                DC circuits 

o                                Campbell data logger     Shortcut   Campbell tutorial

o                 Hobo Data Logger     WATERMARK SENSORS  Paper where hobo and watermark sensor used in pecan research

o                                Problem  ELECTRONIC  

Campbell  and Hobo data loggers and basic electronics




TDR probe to measure soil moisture

Feb 7 & 9




Feb 14 and 17




Dr. Unk

Extraction of DNA from soil.

DNA in Soils

Feb 28 & March 1



Dave DuBois

Air Quality

Mar 6 and 8



Infrared temperature 


Mid Term

                                                              Html Document Evaluation first draft is due.

Mar 13 and 15 

Spring break                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 March 19-23



Photosynthesis instrumentation

Mar 27 & 29 


Gas Exchange   ppt
gas exchange soil soil 698
6400 protocol 
processing BB.xls
processing the data obtained with the lc6400
showing Vcmax calculations








April 3 and April 5 

 How to build an app for a smart phone use visual studio.        Installation instructions

 Instructions on how to use visual studio

How to transfer program to smart phone.




Dr. Saeed Shojaec

HPLC instrumentation  


April 10 and 12


Ed Eaton

 How to develop a chile harvester.  

Video of chile clearner

April 17 & 19 









Sammis                                                                                                 GPS                                    April 24 & 26                                                                                                                                                                                                         





HTML Document Review  and presentation of instruments not covered in class

May 1 and  3




HTML Final Document Due  6:00

May 7

Student evaluation .

must use Microsoft Explorer or Google Chrome

Past Student Reports on instruments not covered in lecture.
Student Report: Spectrophotometer

Student Report:Pressure Extractors

Student Report: Atomic Absosrption

Student Report: Soil-nitrate

Student Report: Absorbance Micro Plate Reader for Automatic Soil Nitrogen Determination

Student Report: Modulated Chlorophyll Flourometer

Student Report: P Test Meter

Student Report: Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

Student Report: SPIStudent_Reports/STELOMETER/stelometer.htmlNLAB Stelometer 654

Student Report:  NeutronStudent_Material/neutronprob/link.htm

Student Report: Electrophoresis

Student Report  Petrographic Microscope

Student Report Greenseeker (normalized difference vegetative index instrument)

Student Report Pressure bomb

Student Report TDT soil moisture sensor 

Student Report Flash EA 112 elemental analyzer 

Student Report Microwave digestor

Student Report Diviner 2000

Student report Light microscope

Student report PCR genetic engineering thermal cycler to increase genetic material

Campbell Data Logger 

Student Reports

Each student shall complete a one page report on each instrument discussed. Turn in the week after the presentation in class. Send to   Ted Sammis email at   

    Theory of operation 
     Application and unique usage

     To determine the advantage and short comings of the equipment and how it operates and what knowledge is need to run the equipment.

Material and Methods
      Describe how to operate and calibrate the equipment

Results and discussion 
    Where to find information (links or books) 

Each student will also be responsible for a detailed, in-depth, descriptive report on one instrument. This may be done individually or with a group. This report will contain the following:

  • Theory of operation
  • Description of how it works
  • Limitations
  • Accuracy
  • How to process data produced

Students with disabilities
If you have or believe you have a disability, you may wish to self-identify. You can do so by providing documentation to the Office of Disabled Student Programs located at Garcia Annex (phone 646-6840). Appropriate accomodations may then be provided for you. If you have a condition which may affect your ability to exit safely from the premises in an emergency or which may cause an emergency during class, you are encouraged to discuss this in confidence with the instructor and/or the director of the Disabled Students Programs. If you have general questions about the Americans With Disabilities Act call ADA coordinator at 646-3635.